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BES - How to unlock a Message Channel

Last Updated: Nov 29, 2013 02:37PM UTC
When a user accesses a message channel using any of the Business Enterprise Server Console modules (Enrichment, SMARTEvc, SMARTEvm, SMARTSla, and SMARTView) multi‐user access is restricted and an in‐use lock is imposed on the message channel.

Occasionally, a lock might remain that prevents subsequent users from gaining edit access to a message channel after a user has completed their modifications and closed the module. The lock can be released either through the MC Lock Management GUI or via the command line.

Warning: This should only be carried out in exceptional circumstances, and is not recommended as a matter of common routine. Before releasing an in‐use lock, contact the user to verify all modifications have been saved and applied to the message channel and the user is no longer accessing the message channel.

MC Lock Management GUI

To open the MC Lock Management GUI, open the BES Console and from the drop down menu, choose Configure > MC Lock Management. The MC Lock Management window can be used to determine whether a message channel is locked and to perform an in‐use lock release. When a message channel is locked, the following information is displayed:

User that is accessing the message channel by way of a module.
Module that is imposing the lock.
Computer on which the module resides.

Once the MC Lock Management GUI is open, connect to the relevant BES server by clicking File > Connect to Server. Once connected, the defined message channels will be displayed. Clicking on each message channel will highlight the lock status. If a message channel is locked and you would like to free the reserve, perform the following:

1. In the Defined Message Channels box, select a message channel so that its status is displayed in the Message Channel Status group box.
2. Click Free Reserve.

Command Line - mcUtil

The mcUtil program displays defined and active Business Enterprise Server message channels, deletes a message channel, or renames a message channel.

As ppadmin user, enter the command 'mcUtil -h' to view help, syntax and examples of the mcUtil program. To view the lock status for all defined message channels, enter the following command:

mcUtil -lock status

To free a lock on a message channel, enter the following command (replacing MCName with the name of the message channel):

mcUtil -lock free MCName force

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