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BES - What is the EventDaemon?

Last Updated: Jan 09, 2015 03:16PM UTC
The EventDaemon is a Java client of the AlertServer that provides synchronisation between alerts generated by the Business Enterprise Server and any connected third party application (e.g. HP Network Node Manager) by acting as the intermediary between the AlertServer and the third party application. The EventDaemon sends action events to the connecting program in a message channel for forwarding to the third party application. The action events are used to update the alerts or events in the third party application to reflect the same state as in BES (e.g. if an event is closed in BES, its reciprocal alert is closed in the third party application).

The status of the EventDaemon can be monitored by:
-          Viewing statistics.
-          Enabling and disabling debug mode for the EventDaemon and its client connections.
-          Temporarily modifying EventDaemon queue size alerts.
-          Viewing current connections to the EventDaemon.
-          Viewing alerts (in XML format) currently stored by the EventDaemon.
By issuing a telnet to the BES server on port 40002 (default), it is possible to interact with EventDaemon.

Log: $PPLOG/POWERpack_Log

telnet to the EventDaemon:
telnet localhost 40002

EventDaemon Monitor options
s - Statistics
l - List Connections
d - Connection Details
k - Kill Connection...
p - Edit Warning startpoint...
x - Edit Warning interval...
a - Stored Alert Numbers
i - Show Alert Details...
g - Maintenance Groups
r - Maintenance Records...
m - Maintenance Details...
e - EventDaemon Debug toggle
o - Connection Debug On...
t - Connection Debug Off...
c - Test Connection...
h - Show Options
q - Quit Monitor

Selecting option s (Statistics) provides the following information:

EventDaemon version: Running version of the EventDaemon
AlertServer Connected: Is the AlertServer connected the EventDaemon?
AlertServer Queue size: Number of alerts queued for sending to the EventDaemon
Queue warning startpoint: Number of alerts that must be waiting in the AlertServer queue for sending to the EventDaemon before an information system alert is sent
Queue warning interval: Escalation number that represents the rising number of alerts that must be waiting in the AlertServer queue for sending to the EventDaemon before a higher severity system alert is sent
EventDaemon Connections: Number of current connections to the EventDaemon 
All messages stored: Current number of active alerts within the AlertServer
EventDaemon Debug: Whether the EventDaemon is operating in debug mode
Connection Debug: Whether a client connected to the EventDaemon is operating in debug mode
Total Memory: Total memory, in bytes, allocated to the EventDaemon
Free Memory: Allocated memory, in bytes, not currently used by the EventDaemon

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