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BES - What is the BESApi?

Last Updated: Oct 13, 2014 10:20AM UTC
The BESApi is the interface between BES (Unix Code) and the BES Console (Windows GUI). It is also the Automated Service Modeller Client (ASM). The BESApi ensures the BES console is running the correct version and the BES Server has enough licences for the resources it is trying to run. It controls communication between BES and the BES Console, performing licence management.

BESApi uses port 3408, a registered port. It must be opened on any firewall that the clients have to communicate through (to BES).
NOTE: Sybase port 50000, or DB2 port 50055 must be opened on the firewall as well.
When a system fails a licence check, BESApi will run the LicenceAlert script ($PPHOME/bin). This will create an alert in the BES Dashboard and stop any Message Channels that exceed the licence limit. BESApi traffic is encrypted.
Log: $PPLOG/BESApi_Log

telnet to the BESApi:
telnet localhost 40001

BESApi options
s - Statistics
d - Turn debug on
o - Turn debug off
l - List IP addresses in debug
h - Options
q - Quit Monitor

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