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BES - What is the dbi?

Last Updated: Oct 13, 2014 09:16AM UTC
Short for 'Database Interface', the dbi is the process that stores alerts in the BES Database. It is also the process in which records are updated for modified alerts from AlertServer. A buffer file is written to by AlertServer (based on SMARTView rule DB option) located in $PPWORK/Integrations. The dbi reads the buffer file and sends the events to the database. Note: Multiple buffer files may be created.
When BES starts, AlertServer loads itself with active alerts from the BES database (after dbi has processed all events in the buffer file(s)). A socket connection (36000) is created between AlertServer and dbi, so that dbi can notify AlertServer when it has finished processing the buffer file(s). The dbi is responsible for ensuring all alerts and associated events are sent to the BES database per SMARTView rule definitions. This means there is no performance loss to AlertServer and any logged-on users. If dbi stops, AlertServer will carry on as normal creating buffer files ready for when dbi is restarted.
The dbi process has three threads available to ensure efficiency. Each thread has a checkpoint in the BES database table ISS_PP_Dbi_Marker_Table. The records in this table are used to store where each thread has got to in the buffer file(s). If the dbi process is stopped and restarted, the database table is read by the process and each thread carries on where it left off.

Note: For more information about the AlertServer process, see here.
Log: $PPLOG/dbi_Log and $PPLOG/POWERpack_Log

telnet to the dbi:
telnet localhost 40004

DbiJM Monitor options
s - Statistics
t - Toggle Debug
b - Bypass catchup
r - Reset bypass flag
u - Update catchup flags
i - Halt message processing
j - Restart message processing
h - Help
k - Kill DbiJM
q - Quit Monitor

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