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BES - Redundant Logic script

Last Updated: Jun 25, 2013 03:34PM UTC
Located in: $PPHOME/bin
The RedundantLogic utility is used to identify logic statements that are not used by any rules in a rule set that are stored (or uploaded) on the Business Enterprise Server. Redundant logic statements are created when a rule is deleted and a logic statement made for that rule is not used by another rule in the rule set. Removal of redundant logic statements saves space and maintains an accurate repository of the logic statements for a rule set.
To identify redundant logic statements, navigate to $PPHOME/bin and run the RedundantLogic script:


Once the script has run (with no parameters), a list will be displayed off all logic statements that are currently redundant.
RedundantLogic Parameters
RedundantLogic [‐remove] [‐debug] [‐h] [‐v]
-remove: (optional) prompts to confirm removal of logic statements
-debug: (optional) writes actions taken by the utility to the $PPLOG/RedundantLogic_Log file
-h: (optional) displays help
-v: (optional) displays version number of RedundantLogic (for example, ./RedundantLogic ‐v)

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