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BES - The bes_diag Script

Last Updated: Jun 25, 2013 03:39PM UTC
Located in: $PPHOME/bin

The bes_diag script is supplied with BES and is to be used when there are problems with the BES system. Its purpose is to collect information about the current state of BES and is extremely useful when diagnosing problems. Note: When a problem occurs, run the bes_diag script before recycling BES.

Running the bes_diag script

To run the script, navigate to $PPHOME/bin on the BES server and enter the following command:


Once run, the script can take around 1-2 minutes to complete, depending on the parameters specified. When run with no options/parameters, data is collected with the following restrictions/assumptions:

- $PPWORK is listed, not copied.
- Last 2000 records of log files copied.
- pi* integration logs skipped.
- BES and its database assumed to be active.
- dbcc database checks (for Sybase) skipped.Once complete, the script creates a compressed (via gzip), tar'd file in: $PPWORK/ISS_Support/bes_diag.tar.gz. The tar file is an archive of the data collected in the directory: $PPWORK/ISS_Support/bes_diag. A log of the script is written to: $PPWORK/ISS_Support/bes_diag/bes_diag_Log.

bes_diag Options

-h Usage Information.
-v Version Information.
-d Assumes BES and its database is inactive which reduces collection of information.
-c Sybase dbcc database checks performed.
-l Full log copies (not just last 2000 records).
-i pi* integration files in $PPLOG, and pi* integration directories in $PPWORK collected.
-p collection of all files in $PPWORK (except ppConfig* files).The options above can be used together if required: ./bes_diag [option] [option] [option] [...]. Each time the script is run, the data from the previous collection is cleared.

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