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BES - dbi Token: Cannot alter size of ISS_PP_Alerts_Table - truncating value instead

Last Updated: Dec 07, 2015 04:16PM UTC
The dbi will extend any CAF Alert Fields automatically, where applicable, in the ISS_PP_AlertField_Table to accomodate the value lengths being received for an alert. Internal fields, however, that arr stored in the ISS_PP_Alerts_Table are protected against such an increase as this can have adverse effects on the general running of the system. If a value from an alert exceeds the defined length of the internal field within the ISS_PP_Alerts_Table then the dbi will log an error and issue a system alert as follows:

20140430 10:51:57 Token: Token: text - Length is longer than token.
20140430 10:51:57 Token: Value: xxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx
20140430 10:51:57 Token: Cannot alter size of ISS_PP_Alerts_Table - truncating value instead
20140430 10:51:57 HandleFlow(DbiJM Thd1): Error - Token:text too large. Truncating value
20140430 10:51:57 HandleFlow(DbiJM Thd1): Error processing SQL

System Alert
CEFVersion = ISSCEFV5 | ITMgmtProcess = Availability | OriginDateTime = 30/04/2014 10:51:57 | OriginKey = N/A | OriginSeverity = 5 | DomainClass = Java | Domain = xxxxxxxxxx | ObjectClass = DbiJM | Object = Dbi SQL error | ObjectState = N/A | FreeText = Unable to update database | Origin = IssueSysAlert | OriginEvtClass = System | OriginType = Binary | ObjectValue = N/A | OrigObject = N/A

You should look to reduce the size of the field in question so it fits the designated column in the ISS_PP_Alerts_Table. Only certain fields can be affected in this way:

Field     Size
help       512
origmsg 2048 (4096 for PostgreSQL DB's)
text       1024

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