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BES - Debug Options in POWERpackTrans.cfg

Last Updated: Aug 14, 2014 08:58AM UTC
The POWERpackTrans is the right-most-programme (RMP) of any message channel and is the last transformer toprocess an event before sending it as an alert to the AlertServer. It is configurable via $PPHOME/cfg/POWERpackTrans.cfg and POWERpackTrans_<MC>.cfg (where <MC> is the Message Channel name).

You can specify the type of debug messages that are logged by adding or un-commenting the s_debuglvl parameter in the POWERpackTrans.cfg file or the POWERpackTrans_mcname.cfg file.
When the debug message level is set in the:

POWERpackTrans.cfg, the debug message level is set for all message channels that are placed in debug mode
POWERpackTrans_<MC>.cfg, the debug message level is set for the individual message channel that is placed in debug mode

Using a text editor, open the configuration file and type the following debug message level statement:

s_debuglvl <number>

The variable number is an aggregate value of debug options that are enabled.

Debug options:
Value Option Debugs
1 Incoming (incoming event messages are logged)
2 Buffers (buffer messages are logged)
4 Rules (rule messages are logged)
8 Event management (automation policy messages are logged)
16 Enrichment (enrichment messages are logged)
32 Alerts (created alerts are logged)
64 Communication (connection messages are logged)
128 Performance (timestamps are added to messages)
256 Analyse (logs an incoming message in characters and its hexadecimal representation to the $PPLOG/AnalyseMsgs.mcname_Log file)
512 Trace (all actions taken by the POWERpackTrans are logged)

When s_debuglvl is not set in either of the .cfg files and debug mode is enabled, the default aggregate value is 111 (that is, the sum of 1, 2, 4, 8, 32 and 64).


• When setting all debug options and placing all message channels in debug mode, the volume of messages logged are numerous and can impact the performance of the Business Enterprise Server. Only set the necessary debug options for a selected message channel to resolve a problem.

• Trace option should only be used on a single message channel and at the request of Interlink Software Support.

• If you have placed the s_analyse or s_performance parameters in the .cfg files and you have not set the analyse or performance options using the s_debuglvl parameter, the analyse and performance options are automatically defined for the s_debuglvl parameter. For example, if s_debuglvl is set to 111 and the s_analyse parameter is present, the s_debuglvl is automatically set to 367 (111 + 256).

• If you have enabled debug mode for enrichment by way of the Enrichment Module, the enrichment option is automatically defined for the s_debuglvl parameter and its value is automatically calculated. For example, if s_debuglvl is set to 111 and enrichment debug messages are turned on, s_debuglvl is set to 127 (111 + 16).

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