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BES Sybase - cannot allocate space for object '[TABLE]' in database [DATABASE]

Last Updated: Nov 11, 2014 10:41AM UTC


This issue can manifest itself in many ways but an obvious indication will be a BES System MC Alert such as 'Unable to Update Database Alerts'.

Referring to the Sybase error log $SYBASE/$SYBASE_ASE/install/$DSQUERY.log you will see a log entry similar to

cannot allocate space for object 'ISS_PP_Events_Table' in database ppdb.

This essentially indicates the database is full and there is no room for Sybase to allocate any more space.


By checking dbState output you can determine the current database size and the device size that the database resides on. Extract below:

/opt/sybase/data/powerpack       powerpack         2048.0    448.0

      Database Name Id Size(MB) Free(MB) Free(%) Usage
      ------------- -- -------- -------- ------- ------------
      ppdb           4   1600.0   1493.0    93.3 data only

It's the 'data only' or 'data and log' usage that's important.

The Size (MB) and Free (MB) for both the 'Database Name' (ppdb) and 'Device' (powerpack) is the detail we are interested in.

Step 1. Increase the Device Size (if required)

If the device size is not sufficient to support database growth to resolve the problem then you should look to increase the device size. This is assuming that the unix filesystem on which the device resides has sufficient space to support said growth.

1> use master
2> go
1> disk resize name = "powerpack", size = "XY"
# Where X is a number and Y = M for MegaBytes, G for GigaBytes
2> go
Note: This increases the existing device by specified size.

Example (increasing the powerpack device by 4G):

1> use master
2> go
1> disk resize name = "powerpack", size = "4G"
2> go

Step 2. Increase the size of the Database

Increase the size of the database within the device:

1> alter database [DATABASE] on powerpack="XY"
# Where X is a number and Y = M for MegaBytes, G for GigaBytes
2> go

Example (increasing database ppdb by 3G):

1> alter database ppdb on powerpack="3G"
2> go

You can confirm space available now by examining the output from the dbState command. BES should recover as soon as the space is available in the database.

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