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BES - BSD License Limit Exceeded. How to view and log off users

Last Updated: Sep 02, 2014 03:19PM UTC
If you are trying to log into the Business Service Dashboard (BSD) but are getting an error such as 'License exceeded limit', then the maximum number of user connections to the BSD had been reached. Running the following as ppadmin on the BES server allows you to see your BES license details, which will contain the maximum number of BES users (both Full Users and Read Only Users):

/opt/ISS/POWERpack/bin/LicenseDisplay $PPHOME/license

To view the number of users that are currently connected to the BSD, and also have the option to log them out to free up some user connections, you can perform the following:
  1. telnet to the AlertServer by running: telnet localhost 40000
  2. Hit option 'u' to view the total number of users connected to the BSD.
  3. To view the user details, hit option 'l' (lower case L).
  4. To log a user out, hit option 'o' and then enter the username, or ALL to log out all users. You will then have to supply the IP address of the user (available from the user details list in step 3) and a message to the user.
  5. The user will now be logged out.

Once some of the users have been logged out, you should then be able to log back into the BSD.

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