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BES - Only the ppmd is running after a BES Install

Last Updated: Oct 07, 2014 09:15AM UTC
When performing a clean install of BES, the BES tarball has to be unzipped and un-tarred correctly so that permissions on the various install files are correct. The BES tarball should be uploaded to BES and unzipped as root user. In some cases, we have seen instances where either:
  1. The ppadmin user and ppusers group have not been created before extracting the tarball - so ppadmin permissions are not set on the install files.
  2. The BES tar file has not been unzipped correctly. When unzipping the BES tarball, the following command should be used as root user (note the inclusion of the p parameter, which keeps the relevant permissions on files):

           tar -xvpf BES_<version>.tar

If either of the above two "gotcha's" have mistakenly occurred, the BES install will run, but fail to run the <INSTALLDIR>/SQL/$DBTYPE/populate file. This will then fail to create any of the BES daemons, such as the AlertServer, along with the standard Message Channels, such as the System MC.

If you come across this problem, you can run the program that populates the BES database manually as ppadmin:


Once this has been run, perform a $PPHOME/bin/ppServer stop/start to bring up BES.

From BES 3.7.0 0012+, checks have been added to the setup script in order to verify that permissions on the relevant install files are all correct, so the setup cannot be run if file permissions are incorrect.


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