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BES Dashboard - Debugging Issues

Last Updated: Oct 08, 2014 11:34AM UTC


Log: $PPLOG/UserAO_Log

This log file contains tracking information regarding the definition and invocation of BES Dashboard Automation. Automatic and manual automation tasks, as well as updates to automation definitions, are logged here. The following information is logged:
  • User
  • IP Address
  • Group
  • Local/Remote automation flag, or update/change
  • Program executed, or definitions updated
  • AlertID affected (if automation has run)
  • Status e.g. Success

This log file is very useful for determining whether the correct parameters are being passed in the correct way to your automation script.

Note: The Status only shows whether the automation script was invoked or not. UserAO does not care if the script then subsequently failed, that is up to the script to handle and alert accordingly.


Login Audit

Log: $PPLOG/Catalina_Log

The Tomcat Catalina_Log file contains handy information about user login/logout and login failures.

Log: $PPLOG/POWERpack_Log

The POWERpack_Log also contains login and logout records for each user, and logon group information. Host/IP address is recorded on logout.


General Troubleshooting

Some common problems and what to check if you experience them.
  1. No Alerts received in BES Dashboard
  • Is the Message Channel Running? (ppState)
  • Check licence has not been exceeded.
  • Is the Selector correct?
  • Does the user account have permission to see the alerts?
  • Is the AlertServer running? (ppState)
  • Check SMARTView rules.
  1. Cannot Login to BES Dashboard
  • Check the correct BES server is being logged into.
  • Check user account and password (Usernames and passwords are case sensitive. Check LDAP configuration if applicable).
  • Check user licence has not been exceeded.
  • Try re-starting the Web Server. ($PPHOME/bin/rc.ppwc stop/start)
  1. Cannot connect to .NET hubclient
  • .NET control connection is blinking red at the top of the screen.
  • Right-click on the control and open the console.
  • Check for ‘Unknown host’ messages.
  • Ensure that the PC can resolve the hostname given in the console messages, either via DNS or local hosts file.
  1. Security problems with .NET views
  • If a .NET query view fails, the .NET console reports a security exception. This is usually due to the use of ‘Internet Zone’ in Internet Explorer. Ensure that the BES server hostname URL is placed in the ‘Local Intranet’ zone. Note, this problem can also occur if the BES URL is specified with the IP address rather than the hostname.
  • If you are receiving HTTP 407 exceptions, check Internet Explorer proxy settings.
  1. Are your queries failing or taking a long time?
  • This could be down to a memory issue, especially when running a large, complex query. Try allocating more memory to Tomcat as follows:
            i.   $PPHOME/cfg/variables.cfg
            ii.  JAVA_OPTS –Xmx<nnn>m
            iii. <nnn> = memory in MB e.g. – Xmx768m
  • Recycle the web server ($PPHOME/bin/rc.ppwc stop/start)
  1. Admin Console panels do not refresh
  • This problem is usually down to Internet Explorer settings.
  • Check that, ‘Every time I visit the webpage’ is ticked in Tools > Internet.


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