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BES - origmsg and text field length's unintentionally extended by dbi

Last Updated: Jan 09, 2015 09:54AM UTC
This is only an issue with dbi versions or lower. If a very large message is received in BES, this could cause the origmsg and text field length's in the BES database to be extended, instead of truncating the message. This could then result in "Unable to update database" and "Error writing to database" System alerts being generated.

If you see the above System alerts in BES, check the $PPLOG/dbi_Log as this will contain further information around the cause of the problem. If the origmsg and text field length's in the database have been extended, it is likely that you will see an error similar to that below:

20150106 03:59:06 HandleFlow(DbiJM Thd2): Error processing SQL
20150106 03:59:06 HandleFlow(DbiJM Thd2): Error:com.sybase.jdbc3.jdbc.SybSQLException: The server failed to create or update a row in table 'ISS_PP_Alerts_Table' because a varying-length column would start at offset 11279. This starting location cannot be represented accurately in the table's row format.

Again, this should only affect dbi versions or lower, so check which version of the dbi you are running (dbi -v). To check if the origmsg and text field length's in the database have indeed been extended, run the following SQL via DBcon:

sp_help ISS_PP_Alerts_Table

The origmsg field length should be 2048 and the text field length should be 1024. If you see anything greater than these values (example below), then the field lengths have been unintentionally extended.

origmsg varchar 11962 NULL NULL 1 NULL

text varchar 10050 NULL NULL 1 NULL

These field length values should be static and the data should be truncated if it exceeds the designated length - more information around this process is detailed here. To resolve this issue, two actions are required:

  1. Reset the fields back to their correct length.
  2. Upgrade the dbi to a version where this issue is resolved ( Please contact Interlink Support to obtain a new version of the dbi.

To modify the field lengths, run the following SQL from a DBcon session:

alter table ISS_PP_Alerts_Table 
modify origmsg varchar(2048)
modify text varchar(1024)

You will probably get a message like the following which is normal and can be ignored:

Warning: Potential offset of column 'integrationId' (8276 bytes) and subsequent
variable-length columns in table ISS_PP_Alerts_Table exceeds limit of 8191 bytes
for column-offset of variable-length columns in DOL tables. Future inserts to
this table may fail.

You can check if the field lengths have been altered by running 'sp_help ISS_PP_Alerts_Table' again.

Please contact Interlink Software Support to obtain a new version of the dbi.

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