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BES - BESApi in 'Waiting to Restart' mode

Last Updated: Jan 22, 2015 02:01PM UTC
If the BESApi is falling over and in waiting to restart mode, check the $PPLOG/BESApi_Log. One of the more frequent causes of this problem is the presence of a Refresh file under one or more of the SMARTView message channel directories e.g. $PPHOME/SMARTView/Live/ISS. If this is the case, you will see the following messages constantly logged to the BESApi_Log:

20150122 12:24:41 New connection received
20150122 12:24:41 Command In:UNIX ls -l $PPHOME/SMARTView/Live/*/Refresh

To resolve this issue, as ppadmin user, first stop the BESApi as follows:

ppStop -n BESApi

Check all of the message channel directories under $PPHOME/SMARTView/Live. If there is a Refresh file within any message channel directory, remove it. Once all of the Refresh files are removed, restart the BESApi as follows:

ppStart -n BESApi

Check that the BESApi is now running correctly by checking the BESApi_Log and from the ppState command. This is a know issue with BES 3.5.1 or lower, and should be resolved in BES versions 3.5.2+.


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