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BES - Unable to start Message Channel due to a rogue lock file or process

Last Updated: Jan 29, 2015 01:42PM UTC
If you are unable to start up a message channel (not appearing in ppState list after issuing a ppStart command) and there is nothing logged to the POWERpack_Log, check the $PPLOG/ppmd/mon_MCNAME.log file. This will indicate any start-up issues the channel is experiencing.

If the message channel was not shutdown properly, or was abruptly stopped for one reason or another, there is a chance that the message channel lock file under $PPWORK/ppmd has not been removed. If this is the case, you should see the following messages logged to the mon_MCNAME.log:

13/08/28 15:30:12.355 mon_ISS: DEBUG: (lockfileipc) strErr/f: File exists/-1
13/08/28 15:30:12.355 mon_ISS: INFO: (ISSrand) Random number generated is: 24
13/08/28 15:30:12.355 mon_ISS: INFO: (lockfileipc) [120000] waiting to get lock: 

13/08/28 15:30:12.362 mon_ISS: ERROR: (lockfileipc) [120000/600000] Timed out trying to get lock file: 
13/08/28 15:30:12.362 mon_ISS: WARN: (checkProcess) file: /var/spool/ISS/POWERpack/ppmd/
13/08/28 15:30:12.362 mon_ISS: training1 DEBUG: [mon_ISS] Another process is running: -1

The first port of call here is to check if a lock file exists ( for the message channel under $PPWORK/ppmd. If there is a lock file for the message channel, delete it. Before trying to start the channel, it is also worth checking that there is no rogue message channel process left hanging. Run the following command to check for any message channel process, replacing MCNAME with the name of your channel:

ps -ef |grep mcname

If there are any processes running for the channel, kill them off (kill -9 pid). 

Once the lock file has been removed and no rogue processes are confirmed, start the message channel (ppStart -n mcname). The channel should now be displayed in the ppState table list. You can also check the $PPLOG/ppmd/mon_MCNAME.log and $PPLOG/POWERpack_Log to ensure the message channel has successfully started.

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