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BES - Rogue workfile causes the dbi to halt it's processing

Last Updated: Feb 01, 2017 11:15AM UTC

The dbi has stopped databasing alerts after processing a particular workfile.


On a couple of occasions, we have seen issues with a dbi/integration workfile whereby the file is not EOF'd correctly. Each dbi ($PPWORK/dbi/) or integration workfile ($PPWORK/Integrations/) is appended with an EOF statement, telling the dbi what the next workfile is. For example:

EOF nextfile = /var/spool/ISS/POWERpack/Integrations/356137275

Note: Older versions of the dbi use the files under $PPWORK/dbi/. Later versions of the dbi use $PPWORK/Integrations/.


Firstly, check which file the dbi is 'stuck' on by checking the dbi log under $PPLOG, or by running the following SQL on the BES Database:

Select * from ISS_PP_DbiMarker_Table

Make a note of the workfile number and then open the file - either under $PPWORK/dbi or $PPWORK/Integrations. Check the last line entry of the file, it should have an EOF statement:

EOF nextfile = /var/spool/ISS/POWERpack/Integrations/356137275

If the file is missing this entry, we will need to update the dbi marker in the BES Database so that the dbi starts processing from the next workfile. To do this, perform the following:
  1. Stop the dbi (ppStop -n dbi)
  2. Remove the rogue workfile from $PPWORK/dbi or $PPWORK/Integrations
  3. Make a note of the 'next' workfile the dbi should start processing from (or the latest workfile if you do not want the dbi to process any backlog of alerts).
  4. Depending on the version of the dbi, the SQL to update the marker will differ slightly:

Old version of dbi (dbi.c):

(ppadmin)42% dbi -v
@(#) Name: dbi.c Version: x.x.x Date: 06/06/07 11:03:16

xxxxxxxx = workfile you want the dbi to start processing from:

Update ISS_PP_DbiMarker_Table set fileName = '/var/spool/ISS/POWERpack/dbi/xxxxxxxx', filePosition = 0 where KeyName = 'Marker'

New Java verison of the dbi (DbiJM):

(ppadmin)18% dbi -v
@(#) Name:DbiJM Version: x.x.x.x Date:01 Jan 2011 12:00:00

xxxxxxxx = workfile you want the dbi to start processing from:

Update ISS_PP_DbiMarker_Table set fileName = '/var/spool/ISS/POWERpack/Integrations/xxxxxxxx', filePosition = 0 where KeyName LIKE '%DbiJM%'

  1. Check that the dbi markers have been successfully updated by running "Select * from ISS_PP_DbiMarker_Table"
  2. Start the dbi (ppStart -n dbi)
  3. Check the dbi log under $PPLOG to ensure processing has resumed from the workfile specified in the SQL.

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