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BES - Clear the Message Channel Buffer

Last Updated: Jul 25, 2016 08:48AM UTC

A message channel is flooding with with alerts, or a message channel has been in Pause mode for some time, causing a backlog of alerts to process.

When a message channel is placed in Pause mode, alerts are written to a message channel buffer file, under $PPHOME/SMARTView/Live/mcname/Buffer_File. Alerts are stored here until the message channel is taken out of pause mode. To clear these alerts out so that they are not processed by the message channel, perform the following:

1. Place the message channel in pause mode by running: ppPause ‐n mcname

2. Open another command window to the BES server as ppadmin.

3. Enter the following command to move to the directory in which the 'Buffer_File' resides (the variable mcname is the name of the message channel that you placed in pause mode):

cd $PPHOME/SMARTView/Live/mcname

4. Open the Buffer_File and remove the appropriate number of messages, then save and close the Buffer_File.

5. Finally, remove the message channel from pause by issuing ppPause -n mcname again.

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