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BES - Modifying the size of a column in the BES Database

Last Updated: Mar 31, 2017 03:15PM UTC
* Proceed with caution. Increasing the column sizes of the ISS_PP_Alerts_Table can have adverse affects on the general running of the system *

To change the size of a column in the ISS_PP_Alerts_Table, perform the following:

1. Open a PuTTY/SSH session to BES, logging in as ppadmin.
2. Enter the command DBcon, which opens a SQL session to the BES database.
3. Run the following SQL (replacing currentOperator varchar(50) to the column and type/size you require):


alter table iss_pp_alertfield_table alter column currentOperator  type varchar(50);


1> alter table ISS_PP_Alerts_Table modify currentOperator varchar(50)
2> go

Note: If you see the following error message, this is a red herring and is of no concern: 

Warning: Potential offset of column 'integrationId' (8318 bytes) and subsequent
variable-length columns in table ISS_PP_Alerts_Table exceeds limit of 8191 bytes
for column-offset of variable-length columns in DOL tables. Future inserts to
this table may fail.

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