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BES - What are the various Event types that can occur on an Alert?

Last Updated: May 30, 2017 11:21AM UTC
The ISS_PP_Events_Table stores a 'life cycle' history for every alert received in BES, from birth (creation) to death (closure). Most of the time, there are only two events associated with an alert: a creation event and a closure event. But there are lots of other event types, all of which are detailed below:
Event Type Event Type Description Event Description
1 Alert Alert Created
2 OpClose Operator Closed
3 SupClose Supervisor Closed
4 AlertClose Alert Closed
5 TimeClose Alert Timeout
6 Recurring Alert Re-Occurrence
7 OpAssignClose Operator Assigned and Closed
8 OpAssign Operator Assigned
9 SupAssign Supervisor Assigned
10 opDeAssign Operator De-Assigned
11 SupDeAssign Supervisor De-Assigned
12 Accept Operator Accepted Assignment
13 Acknowledge Supervisor Acknowledged
14 Deacknowledge Supervisor De-Acknowledged
15 Note Alert Note
16 AlertSeverity Alter Alert Severity
17 AlertTimeout Alter Alert Timeout
18 AlertUserField Alter User Defined (CAF) Field
19 AlterPiData Alter BES Integration Data Field
20 Inactive Alert Close as Inactive
21 Correlated Alert Correlated
22 AccTimeout Accept Timeout

The ISS_PP_Events_Table can be queried to view all events associated to a particular alert. For example, the below shows a creation and a timeout close after one hour for AlertID 0000033817 (the s_type column contains the Event Type number):

besdb=# select * from iss_pp_events_table where s_alertid='0000033817';
 s_eventid | s_alertid |        s_timeoccurred        | s_type |   s_initiator   | s_eventdesc
   65759   |   33817   2017-04-19 12:11:10.070 |      5    |  0000033817  |
   65751   |   33817   2017-04-19 11:11:10.069 |      1    |                     |
(2 rows)

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