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BES - Export all open Alerts to CSV file

Last Updated: May 23, 2017 12:14PM UTC
Can you export all open alerts in BES to a CSV file?

You can export all open alerts in BES to a CSV file, there are two possible methods to do this, they are as follows:

Method 1: Alert Query
  1. Log into BES and open the BSD
  2. Click Tools > Alert Query
  3. Define the parameters for the the query
  4. Click 'OK' > 'run'
  5. Once you have run the query, click on 'File' > 'Export'
  6. Choose a Location and Save
  7. The CSV is now exported

Method 2: Via Script (query the DB Directly)
This method will use a script to query the Database Directly and export to a CSV file, this allows for it to be automated.

Note: The query can be modified to suit your needs. In this example it is only extracting the following fileds:
  1. Create the script file and give it the correct privileges
  2. Enter the following into the file:

DBcon <<EOF >> /tmp/alerts.csv
select a.alertId || ',' || af.domain || ',' || af.objectclass as csv
from ISS_PP_Alerts_Table a, ISS_PP_AlertField_Table af
where a.alertId = af.alertId
and state = 1;

exit 0

This will create a CSV in the following directory /tmp/alerts.csv

You are able to modify the query in this method to suit your needs. For example, the script above is extracting the AlertId, Domain Class and Object Class for all open alerts.

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