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BES - Alerts are not hitting the correct SMARTView rules

Last Updated: Jul 14, 2017 12:54PM UTC

Alerts are either hitting the wrong SMARTView rule or no rule at all, even though the rule key criteria appears to match.


The order in which SMARTView rules are applied to incoming messages is determined by the Sorted_Hash file, which is used by the POWERpackTrans. The more complex the key criteria, the higher up the list the rule will appear. This means that rules with more complex keys will be hit before rules with less complex keys. If an alert is hitting a different rule than you expect, it is likely that this rule, besides being a match on the incoming message, has a more complex key expression than the rule you are expecting it to hit.

Another cause for such scenarios can be down a different problem in the SMARTView advanced key criteria. For example, if your key contains brackets ( ) this will cause problems for the key expression. For example:

Message Contains: Status is (1)

The brackets in the condition cause the RuleApply mechanism to incorrectly parse the conditions out. This is a bug that needs a change to both the SMARTView GUI and the BES RuleApply code.


Check the complexity of your SMARTView rule keys.

If your key contains brackets, remove the trailing bracket from the condition. Thus making the condition:

Message Contains: Status is (1

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