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Increasing ASI memory on Windows

Last Updated: Jul 05, 2018 01:24PM UTC

If the ASI Dashboards are not loading. This could be due to ASI memory being low.


The maximum memory allocated to ASI can be set as follows (note, this resquires a recycle of ASI):
  1. The nnregister script under E:\ASI\asi-1.11\bin registers the ASI windows service (ASITOMCAT). In this script, the maximum memory allocated to the service is defined. To modify this setting, open the nnregister script as Administrator and on line 44, change the “--JvmMx 10240” entry to “--JvmMx 16384” (16GB) and then save the file.
          Note: On Dev this is set to 4GB (4096), as the Dev servers only have 8GB of RAM.
  1. Stop ASI by running E:\ASI\asi-1.11\bin\nnstop
  2. You now need to re-register the ASITMOCAT service:
    1. Unregister the ASITOMCAT service by running E:\ASI\asi-1.11\bin\nnunregister
    2. Register the ASITOMCAT service by running E:\ASI\asi-1.11\bin\nnregister
                  You can check that the new memory allocation has been set in the registry under:

    4. Start ASI by running E:\ASI\asi-1.11\bin\nnstart


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