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BES - Change the character limited when adding a BES user

Last Updated: Oct 02, 2018 03:42PM UTC

When you are creating a user in BES, the username must have at least 6 characters and no more than 8. For a number of reasons, you may need to create users in BES with either more of less characters than this limit. This document will show you how to change it

1. Connect to the BES server as the ppadmin users
2. Change to the following location:
cd /opt/ISS/POWERpack/eScape/webapps/escapex/admin/script
3. Open the following file:
vi validateUserForm.jsp
4. Look for the line: else if(trmUname.length < 6 || trmUname.length > 8)
and edit to suit. Once you are happy, save and exit the file.

The default column size in the database is 20 characters. It is not recommended to exceed this. To keep it tidy you will need to edit the line with your new values:
 msg += "The User Name field must be greater than 6 and less than 8 characters in length \n"; to match whatever you set the maximum size to.

6. Change to the following location:
cd /opt/ISS/POWERpack/eScape/webapps/escapex/admin/scripts
7. Continue from step 3
8. Once you have updated both files, you are going to need to recycle the BES webclient for these changes to take effect. As ppadmin use these commands to stop and start the webclient:

To stop the webclient:

To start the webclient


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