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BES - What is the ppmd?

Last Updated: Jun 25, 2013 03:15PM UTC
The ppmd is the first BES process started from the ppServer start-up script. The ppmd waits for the BES database to be initialised then starts all auto-start Message Channels and Daemons.
  • Starts as a daemon and runs as a background process.
  • Stopped via the ppStop command. Started via $PPHOME/bin/ppmd.
  • Invokes auto-start Message Channels and Daemons at BES startup.
  • Monitors the Message Channels and Daemons via their pid numbers every second, via the mcmon and dmon processes respectively.
  • Process pidfiles are stored in $PPWORK/ppmd(<name>.pid), as a process starts. Database s_pidcolumn is also updated for each process (ISS_PP_MCcomp_Table).
  • If the pid is no longer running and the auto-start MC or Daemon has not been stopped manually (via ppStopcommand), then ppmd(via dmon/mcmon) restarts the process within: 10 seconds for Daemons (indefinite retries) or 60 seconds  for Message Channels with a maximum of 10 retries
  • For each process started, a monitor process is started by ppmd:
    Daemons monitors are  dmon and Message Channels monitor process are  mcmon

LOG:  $PPLOG/ppmd/ppmd.log. A new log is created every time ppmd starts. A maximum of 10 logs are kept (ppmd.log.n) with a maximum size of 5MB.



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